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UNKAIZAN Japanese Restaurant
Langkawi Malaysia
Outdoor Fun!!
Greetings from LANGKAWI!

Hello, it's Akane.

Today's topic is an outdoor activity which may be a real fun to youth!


is the name of this adventure. Located in Pantai Kok area and have become popular among locals and tourists.

Yes, Unkaizan staffs did have a fun time with this adventure!! 

Here is the map of Langkawi island↓↓

The red arrow is where we are (UNKAIZAN Japanese Restaurant).

And the green arrow points ’’skytrex’’ in Pantai Kok/Perdana Quay area.

If you are to head out there from the airport or pantai cenang, you come to a intersection after passing a gas station in Pantai Kok area. Here please check the left-hand side for "Skytrex" banner.

There are 3 courses you can choose from, and about 2hours for one course.

Here are some of the equipment. Only gloves can they be purchased for RM2 upon request.
Red and blue ones with hooks are the vest. You'll need to go high up, however you are always hooked to the safety rope. 

For whom would like to take a bottle of water, wallet, phones, they can lend you a bottle holder. We could carry drinks and/or some small belongings.

Soooooo here are the some attractions!!

Like this....

This swings quite a lot!

When we look down....we found someone!! This is UNKAIZAN Staff who retired earlier.

If you would like to depart from the activity, you also can follow your group by walking up the mountain with guides. Yes, guides are available to support how to conqure each attraction, or with the ropes.  

Another picture....

I enjoyed this one - like hopping on the cloud!! 

There are about 30 attractions to go through (depends on the course)!!

It was a great fun and we are planning on our next SKYTREX team-building trip!!


・Price・・・intermediate level RM55/person (online price)
       advance level       RM65/person (online price)
・Items・・・drink, comfortable shoes and socks, preferrably long sleeve shirt and long pants (for safety & mosquito)
・Limitation・・・minimum height 150cm, maximum weight 100kg

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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Hello everyone,

Yes, it's Kanako again.

Today I would like to introduce a dish of Kuala Treggannu, eastern side of Malaysia.

This restaurant can be found in 'Ulu Mulaka' region. It's a hidden spot even among locals to taste the best 'Nasi Dagang'!!

'Nasi Dagang' is a rice dish cooked with coconut milk and ginger.
Eat together with fish curry (maybe tuna fish?) with lots of spice.
Usually served with some pickles on the side.

This curry is light (not hearty) and not very spicy. Fish is tender and pickles does a good job to add some refreshing taste.

This one became my personal favourite so I want to go more often, but 'Nasi Dagang' is a breakfast item and is served until noon or so.
(This means restaurant closes around the same time). I need to make some effort to wake up earlier to go there in time.

This restaurant is an open-air, but with a roof.


This is the terrace. How great to have a nice breakfast on a nice sunny day, with a great view of the mountains and rice field. 

Yes, Langkawi is an island thus a ocean view is kind of the way to look for, but don't you think this calm scenery is also another jewel part of Langkawi?

Hey, look at this cantik (=cute in Malay language) tree.

For access: you need to have a (rental) car or motorbike, or ask you local friends for a taxis may be hard to find.

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Bihun Soup
Hello everyone,

I realized it has been a while for our blog....

We hear the weather in Japan has been changing quickly... from winter to spring to almost summer!

I will try my best to update more frequently so this may be useful for your summer trip.

Today's information is about "Noodle Stand" on Pantai Tengah street.
Shops/restaurants in this area are usually for tourists, but this noodle stand is very popular among locals and tourists!
We can find it near Sun Cafe (right hand side).
Once you see a truck, tables and chairs scattered on the field, you are in the right spot!

This is the kitchen

They use back of the truck for cooking.

What can we eat here?
Bihun soup, laksa (round rice noodle in fish-based soup), Kuoy Teow (flat rice noodle soup) etc.

This is bihun soup: we can choose from beef topping or chicken topping.
Among all the spicy dishes of Malaysian cuisine, this is more gentle so we can have for breakfast.
If you like it spicy, there are red or black chili paste on the table. Locals mix them until the soup changes color. (YES, sweating is the key!)

Staffs here are fluent in English. 
It seems like they usually close on Friday & Sunday, but there is no set schedule. 

When you pass by... this is a place to check it out! 

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Chinese New Year & Night Entertainment
Greetings from LANGKAWI!

Another year is about to begin in Malaysia...

A Chinese New Year is happening on February 19th & 20th!

Main groups of Malaysia are; Malay, Chinese, and Indian, and CNY (Chinese New Year) is the biggest event for Malay-Chinese.
We see some changes with our regular guests like brushing up a hair style, preparing new clothes for CNY.
Schools are closed for about one week around CNY despite of ethnicity, so it is the time to make family trip or go visit relatives in other places.
Please be aware that some of the shops owned by Chinese are closed during this period.
Don't forget to do as much shopping as you need to before CNY.


Speaking of festivity,

does anyone remember that I wrote about "Fire Show" happened at UNKAIZAN?

It was supposed to be one time gig,


now we can enjoy their show at Pantai Cenang beach!!

Because it's at a casual/local beach bar, there are no schedule of the show.
At the moment, they seem to have 2 shows a night, one at around 21:00 and the 2nd one at around 22:30.

*The bar is open from 21:00 to 2:00, but remember this is a Malaysian time (not as punctuate as you may think)

*How to get to the bar?
You find Cenang Mall (where Starbuck's is), cross the street and take a walk toward the beach.

Then you'll find a beach bar with small tables and tatami-like mat with a grilling station.
*What to enjoy?
-Fire Show
-Drinks and some grilled food (Malaysian sate, grilled squid etc)
-Stars (it's been blue sky for the last month!)

Check out a small pushing wagon near the sea shore, who sells some more grilled items too.

Great option for a night entertainment at Pantai Cenang/Tengah area! 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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Happy New Year!!
Greetings from LANGKAWI!

A happy new year!!!

May everyone's new year be filled with joy and happiness.

We are looking forward to seeing all the new and return guest at our restaurant!

Not only work but we also must enjoy this nice breezy climate as we feel the dry season has begun!

As we wrote in the blog previously, our New Year had started with "LION DANCE".

2 Chinese-style lions dance around the restaurant and was quite the show.


In addition to this, we had a special event this year: "FIRE SHOW"!!!
It's was a first trial of UNKAIZAN.

The show was fascinating and all UNKAIZAN guests (and our staffs!) enjoyed the show.

Everyone had a great night, so big thank you to them!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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